calligraphy portfolio work :: lettering

For those who would rather not address their outer envelopes and inner envelopes themselves, I offer lettering (non-traditional calligraphy) services. Custom lettering could be used for invitations, inner envelopes, gift tags, place cards and in many other ways! Personalized stationery is also an option for those that are desiring their initial(s) or name designed/written.

If you are interested in working with me, please review my How to Order Page and then shoot me an e-mail.

invite design and calligraphy  

Personalized Monogram :: hand-drawn F printed in gold thermography

gold ink :: white cotton envelopes  

calligraphy :: mint envelopes with gold ink

calligraphy :: straight style,  black ink of white envelopes

calligraphy :: white ink on charcoal envelopes

calligraphy :: angled address  

calligraphy :: woodsy escort cards  

calligraphy :: wedding invitation

lettering a personal note :: note inside a book from 1879

calligraphy :: wedding invitation

calligraphy on bride name tag